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Up your performance. Up your profits.
Step up your offering with Pro Ski simulators

Take advantage of the ever-growing popularity of the outdoors and fitness training by capitalizing on an exciting innovation straight from European peaks: Pro Ski simulators.

Created with input from professional skiers and exported to 28 countries from Spain to the United States, Pro Ski is made in Europe and newly available in Canada through an exclusive local distributor. From gyms to health clinics, schools and sports shops, these simulators have proven themselves in terms of profitability, durability and ease of use. Now it’s your turn to benefit from an innovation with a winning track record!

Open your doors to a new market

A professional sports and health trainer, Pro Ski is a strategic and easy-to-integrate addition to any gym that wants to stand out in the lucrative skier market and among the fitness community at large. With a wide variety of low-impact plyometric exercises at hand, the simulators deliver a cardio and strength workout focused on power, tone and explosion that will also thrill Stop & Go sports enthusiasts.

Focused on range of motion and fast sequence repetitions, Pro Ski favours the elastic strength of muscles to increase both speed and power. It also works the core, protects the joints and even helps maintain a healthy weight (a market in itself!).

The numbers speak for themselves:
the ski and snowboard niche is booming!

Over 3.5 million Canadians ski or snowboard

155,000+ new skiers and snowboarders are added each year

Who can benefit from Pro Ski?

Pro Ski is designed for professional and residential gyms, health clinics, schools, sports shops and companies looking to uplift their employer brand. Advanced, simple and powerful, the simulators offer a compact and extremely robust design that delivers an exciting training experience for sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Pro Ski is the innovation Sports & Health professionals had been waiting for


Beyond its appeal for all types of training, Pro Ski is designed for skiers who remain short on options for year-round training or off-season/ski trip preparation. Position yourself at the forefront of this market and capitalize on this exciting novelty, already acclaimed by prestigious Sports & Health ambassadors.

Real Estate

You own or manage an office or condo building? Attract or retain tenants by enhancing your gym offering with an innovative, robust, easy-to-install and easy-to-move equipment that requires no specialized maintenance.

Health Clinics

As part of a rehabilitation program following an injury or other limitation, Pro Ski offers the type of low-impact cardio exercise sought after by health professionals to accelerate a return to fitness. It’s also ideal for the psychomotor development of young people and to preserve the autonomy of seniors.


Enhance your Sports & Health offer for your employees or teams and raise their level of commitment with THE original and fun novelty on the market. Pro Ski requires very little space and lets employees train without any equipment other than running shoes. Ideal for preparing your next sponsored challenge.


Known to improve psychomotor development and overall fitness, Pro Ski helps you to stimulate young people who are always looking for something new. Its sturdy construction requires no specialized maintenance and guarantees safety and durability. Ideal for releasing excess energy!


Discover a sales tool that makes all the difference! To promote your sports and ski equipment collections, nothing beats a Pro Ski simulator demo right in the shop. Create a simulation area and invite your customers to try on boots, shoes or snowboards. A stimulating and winning hands-on sales experience!

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